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Professional, Reliable & Affordable

AREA Courier Service, available where and when you need us. Although we are a relative new business we are committed to being the best at what we do, serving clients in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. We are not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

At AREA Courier we believe that expediting deliveries is the essence of good business.

We take personal pride in our Courier Service and do whatever it takes to provide complete satisfaction. With this dedication to top-notch service, our courier customers confidently depend on us .


When you trust a courier company with your business’ goods, you expect​ reliability. AREA courier service is the most reliable. 

Our Mission: To Be The Best We Can Be.

AREA Courier is a premier courier service based upon the commitment to provide the best service options for on-time delivery, at the best possible rates. We aim for continuous excellence and strive to exceed our customer's expectations in the following areas:

* On Time Delivery

* High Quality, Cost-Efficient Service

* Dependability 

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AREA We Deliver

The AREA Courier Service is not only reliable, but honest. Things rarely go wrong with a reliable courier, but when they do the AREA Courier Service is honest and forthright about the problem, and able to offer you solutions. This is what we believe at AREA. 

AREA Courier Service will actively communicate with you- and when appropriate, your recipient - about your deliveries. We notify you that your delivery has been completed; clear communication is essential.

Cheap rarely means the best. But while this may be the case, AREA Courier Service won’t break the bank. AREA Courier Service will provide you with a fair value for the services that we offer.

AREA Courier Service will deliver whatever you need in a timely manner

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