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 AREA Courier Service is here for you. Pulling your employees away from their job to run errands is nonproductive, let us do the running for you. If you have regular deliveries that need to go on schedule, you will need a reliable courier service to ensure that they are picked up and delivered safely. We can provide you with scheduled deliveries to make your business run smoothly. Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  

Real-time delivery tracking for customers.

Same Day  Delivery,

We will pick up the package and deliver it within the same day 

  • Pick up the package and deliver within the same day in a safe and timely manner.  
  • Deliver legal documents, subpeonas, construction plans, blue prints, interoffice paper work, bank deposits, pharmaceutical supplies/equipment, home infusion medications and more.
  • On Demand Courier Services

Scheduled Courier Services 

  • Bank Runs.
  • Inter-office deliveries.
  • Medical samples and supplies.
  • Mail transport and mail forwarding
  • Distribution

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